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Founded in 1983, Police stood out immediately as a brand with distinctive autonomous qualities; it entered an already crowded market though soon began to be loved and appreciated worldwide for its decisively underground feel. It stood out with its street style and amazed the general public with its blue lenses that appealed to everyone; this is where the long and extraordinary history of Police began, a brand that has been superbly represented over the years by icons of the showbiz, fashion and sports world, all having something in common, namely the uniqueness of being unique.

This is how the Police myth developed, not only a pair of glasses but a lifestyle, an icon for many, a wide-ranging lifestyle identity which now includes perfumes, watches, jewellery, small leather goods and clothing.

Since its inception, the Police brand has burst onto markets all over the world, challenging its competitors, being ready to revolutionize the system and change the rules of the game with its fresh, immediate language that communicates with the general public. Launched in Europe though inspired by the American "on the road" spirit, Police glasses are unisex and find their roots in the street style of large cities. The brand's style is aggressive, with an urban, metropolitan vocation. The brand's designs are meant for a young and adventurous, independent and rebellious target. Non-conformist. Narcissistic, even a little hedonistic, the brand's target loves breaking the rules and identifies itself only with a community: that of the fans of Police glasses.

The history of Police shows that, without ever betraying the brand's spirit and vocation for freedom, Police glasses have been able to identify themselves, for more than two decades, with the taste of the young and no longer young, paying attention to detail without ever losing the brand's identity

*YZO carries both the sunglasses and optical range

POLICE Sunglasses Collection Video

POLICE with David Beckham 2005